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    Wat Wil Jij.Nu?

Getting to your essence with Wat Wil Jij.Nu?

The challenge was to create the entire brand. From name to logo and from identity to website. Working closely with the owner to launch a personalized business. The aim of the company is to coach people and groups to make them more efficient in the working place and closer to their essence.

Calming, charming and inviting.

The entire brand stands for these 3 factors. The website is inviting and makes people feel at home and open for help. The branding is calming all the way throughout it's materials and communication. Everything fits together beautifully.

Calm & Modern Animations.

The website uses animations, colors and shapes to convey it's calm and inviting style.

Engaging and smooth

The website makes use of modern techniques and applies them in an engaging and smooth way. The Parrallax Effect is used to make scrolling more interesting and engaging.

Engaging Interactions.

The site is filled with little animations making the use engaging and interactive. Beautiful purple colors portray calmness and experience.

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