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    Website Design

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    DTP Design

    Marketing Materials

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    Grayfish Design

    Juicy Juice

Making the world juicier with Juicy Juice.

The challenge was to redesign the Juicy Juice website in order for the company to get more leeds through it. Besides this, the redesign had to provide a new creative direction for the company to work with for further marketing and design materials.

Funky, fun & juicy.

The website uses a very fun and friendly design style. It represents the company's spirit: STAY JUICY. Bold & bright colors paired with modern animations and soft corners all add to the juicy feel of the website. Alongside this, a very friendly and informal style of copy is used throughout the website.

Juicy Animations.

The website uses animations and bright youthful colors to portray the company's image.

Inviting and fresh.

Everything throughout the website conveys the brand's image: fresh and juicy. This goes for popups as well.

Colors & Shapes.

Pastel colors and funky shapes continue to portray the brand's image.

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Juicy Juice Animations
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