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    ABN AMRO Newcomer of the Year Award 2020

Taking Pizza to the Next Level with Holy Moly Pizza.

The challenge was to create a User Flow for the Holy Moly Pizza ordering process and make the whole digital experience feel as unique as getting your pizza made in front of your door. And of course making your tastebuds want that fresh pizza! Consequently the UX & UI had to be created, formulated and designed. The final design was made by iterating back and forth with stakeholders such as the Creative Director, Owner and Developers. After finishing the design and creating a HiFi Prototype, the marketing materials had to be created.

Launch Project

Bold, Rustic and Oozing with Quality.

The entire app carries these principles. Creating an Italian stone oven-like feeling when going through the menu and standing out from any other pizza ordering service. The neumorphic application of stone on stone creates a unique, never before seen visual style that perfectly matches the Holy Moly spirit.

Clear and Immersive.

The web-app has a very clear and minimal User Flow. Every step the user has to take is presented in a tasteful and clear way.

Modern and Adaptive.

All the steps are optimised for the device they're being used with. Maintaining the neumorphic styles but implementing modern techniques to create a simple and straight forward User Experience.

Clear & Rustic Colors.

Clear and subtle colors are used to give feedback to the user. They are carefuly selected to maintain the rustic and bold style the company is going for.

Quality over Quantity.

HolyMolyPizza stands for quality. A limited selection of 6 pizza's and a few Italian drinks and desserts are available. This makes it easier for the user to choose.

A Complete Experience.

The HolyMolyPizza experience is unlike any other. Follow the cart to your house and get updated when your pizza's will arrive. Go outside and see them being hand crafted in front of your eyes, or stay inside and look at the live video feed.

How HolyMolyPizza Works. (Dutch)

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