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    Website Design

    Creative Direction

    DTP Design

    Marketing Materials

    Clothing Design


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    Grayfish Design/Wear

Making people say YES with Grayfish Wear

Coming up with an idea and just doing it. That's what Grayfish Wear was all about. Creating a clothing line with minimalistic, high quality items that have a purpose: making people say YES!

Launch Project

Colorful, open & youthful.

The design style throughout everything that touches the brand aims to please these three principles. We wanted to make sure everyone felt invited to join the movement. Sparkling colours and pleasent copy were used to achieve this.

A funky welcome.

The website is straight forward and immediately gives the user the vibe of the brand. Only one button and the choice is theirs.

Surprising and rewarding.

When receiving their shirt in the mail, people will be greeted by funky stickers and beautiful hand written thank you cards.

Grayfish Wear Packaging Materials

Minimalistic Design.

The shirts are simple and beautiful. Combining pastel-like colours and using the 'ton sur ton' method of adding a colour on top of the same colour result in unique and approachable designs.

Fun & Exciting photos.

The project's photography really captures it all; a simple, fun and bright brand that aims to be as inclusive as possible.

Grayfish Wear's Style

Love Is Love.

The brand aims to include everyone and stimulate them to say YES! to their dreams and fears. This goes for the brand's standpoint on love as well.

High Quality Embroidery.

Quality was of utmost importance when portraying such a powerful message. All the shirts had the Grayfish logo embroidered with high quality cotton on a pre-shrunk and pre-washed 100% 190gsm cotton shirt with an Oeko-Tex 100 rating.

Grayfish Wear's Quality

Made With Love.

Everything that touched this brand and project was done and created with love. We are happy to see that the people who acquired the shirts are wearing it with the same feeling, love.

Grayfish Wear's Slogan
Grayfish Wear Style
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