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Redefining payments with FWDPay.

The challenge was to come up with and create a prototype for FWDPay's innovative idea for invoice payments. With FWDPay, the waiting game for getting your invoices paid is over. The app enables companies/self-employees to instantly get their invoices paid by setting up an agreement between the two parties.

Launch Project
Forward Pay Promotional Poster

Gamified, playful & beautiful.

Throughout the whole app, a clear and transparent style of communication is used regarding the user’s data.
This is done along with a friendly and fun style of copy gathered with fresh and modern iconography.
All to create an easy and trustworthy experience.

FWDPay's Style

Everything in app.

Everything can be done within the app.
The user can create a Payment or Access Request with detailed mandates, send it and accept or deny it.

After accepting a Payment or Access request, the user will be able to claim money instantly, and see when money has been claimed by whom, alongside how much is yet unclaimed.

This works for both ways: see who claimed your money or see when you’ve claimed money.

Fun animations & interactions.

The app is full of animations and 'gamified' features.
It is designed to be almost addicting, like a video game would be.

This is because it wants to push the user to bring their business to a new level, and to have an easy overview of how that's going.

The user can earn rewards by achieving milestones within the app, and track their progress whilst earning money with it.

A rewarding experience.

The app offers a rewarding experience.
It pushes the user to increase their business and gives them back for what they put in: time & trust.

Alongside the FWDPay system, the app offers an overview system, where all the user’s ‘achievements’ are shown in a stimulating fashion.

The user can earn rewards by achieving milestones within the app, making it like an addictive game.

This way, the app becomes much more than a money transferring platform.

FWDPay Brand Style
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