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    Grayfish Design

Providing curated code with CSS Market.

The challenge was to create the entire brand. From name to logo and from identity to website. There was a lack of platforms that have properly curated and high-quality coding snippets/templates. Therefore, Grayfish took it upon itself to create one from scratch during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Curating beautiful pieces of code from all over the web and providing them in an easy to use and modern way.

Launch Project

Modern and clean.

The entire brand stands for these factors. The website is inviting and inspires people to get creative with their coding. Creating a hub to get inspired and provide open source code is all that mattered. Everything fits together beautifully.

Fun, interactive animations.

The website uses animations, colors and icons to convey its modern and inviting style.

Detailed and smooth.

The website makes use of modern techniques and applies them in a detailed and smooth way. All the elements come together to create a cohesive style throughout.

Engaging Interactions & Live Previews.

The site is filled with little animations making the usage engaging and interactive. Every piece of code can also be previewed live on the product page.

Modern & Easy.

Modern techniques are used to create a seamless user experience. AJAX loads the products without having to reload the page.

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